Wide Area Network

Integration of Wide area networks via structured Fiber Optics, very small aperture terminal or/and Microwave depending on what the client’s needs are.

Integration of Wide area networks

We partner with Tier-1 satellite network operators and OEM representatives to provide voice and data communications over satellite utilizing fixed and marine stabilized systems.

  • Fixed VSAT Systems
  • Marine Stabilized VSAT antenna Systems

We offer a variety of Marine Stabilized antenna systems to meet the communication and entertainment needs of crew on vessels at sea. We also undertake call-outs for corrective and preventive maintenance purposes.

Microwave Radio Solutions from point to point to point to multi point are used extensively for communications in situations where the locations are within the same geographic area. We deploy microwave links that combine spectral efficiency, modularity, flexibility and upgrade-ability in single compact systems. 7Six Solutions provide efficient radio utilizing various vendor equipment across all bands.

Fiber-optic communication systems have become increasingly common as a result of the rising demand for bandwidth and cost effectiveness. We undertake the laying of fiber optic cables where geographic and environmental restrictions permit, and low latency backhaul microwave links too.